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Class Announcement: Connecting Color to Healing

DeStress Nourish ReNew: Connecting Color to Healing

Exclusive to Westhaven Community. Come enjoy Latin/Mexican food while we kick off the new series on energetic and frequency healing modalities.

When: Tuesday September 9th at 6:30pm in the Artroom

What to Bring: Latin or Mexican dish to share (guacamole, sangria, salsa, tacos, fahitas)

RSVP to Anna before Monday September 8th. 615 414 5694,,

Creative Salad Celebration

Creative Salad Party!  Tuesday August 26th at 6:30pm for Westhaven Residents!

Bring 2 salad items to share and build an amazing salad bar.  We will learn about the healing qualities of specific vegetables and enjoy fun and fellowship.

Be Sure to RSVP with what you plan on bringing.  This event is exclusive to Westhaven.


Smoothie Party

Westhaven Residents Smoothie Party.

Come and sample and share a variety of healthy smoothie recipes.

WHEN: Tuesday 6/10/14 6:45pm

WHERE: Westhaven Residents Clubhouse Art Room


Blender and ingredeients for your favorite smoothie to create and share.

Light Energy and Nitric Oxide

Light Energy from the sun is powerful!  It stimulates plants to produce chlorophyll which helps them grow.  Like plants, light has an energizing effect on people.  One of the benefits from light is the stimulation of the release of Nitric Oxide in the red blood cells.  In 1998, Louis Ignarro discovered the many health benefits of Nitric Oxide and was awarded the Nobel Laureate.
Scientists have found that Nitric Oxide helps to detoxify cells.  Research also supports the benefits of Nitric Oxide in the regulation of brain activity as it helps to inhibit and block CO2 inflammation of tissues.

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Class Announcement: Connecting Color to Healing
Creative Salad Celebration
Smoothie Party
Light Energy and Nitric Oxide


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