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Fresh fruit and vegetables provide enzymes and vitamins for healthy digestion.  Also found in foods from beyond Organic like Amasai, Reign Infusions, and Suero VivCOLOR REMEDIES
Color can have a powerful impact on the emotions and the senses.  The colors that we choose to surround and clothe ourselves with can invigorate and energize us.  Learn how specific color combinations can support your over-all well being.  Light Energy Sessions use Far Infrared, Red, and Blue.  I use the specific variations of color vibrations to support my clients both physically and emotionally.  Red, for example, is a good color for someone who needs more stimulation.  Green and blue can be used to promote rest and relaxation.  Colors are useful during Emotional Balance sessions to help people release blocked emotions that can be causing stress to the body and mind. 
Creating a beautiful space at home to DeStress Nourish ReNew is critical to natural wellness. A good place to enjoy aromatherapy and Custom Essential Oils.
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